about the authors

Clara Bush is a senior undergraduate student studying Environment and the Humanities at Texas Tech University. Her work mostly centers around her response to and involvement with the natural world. She works to consider the definitions of “wildness” and to examine her relationship to place through her experiences in nature

Megan Cahill-Assenza is an honor liberal arts student at the Grant Campus of Suffolk County Community College on Long Island.

Alyssa Froehling is a freshman at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.  She intends to double major in English and Creative Writing.

Elizabeth Hash is a junior at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She is earning a double major in English – Creative Writing and Environment and the Humanities. Elizabeth has served as Non-fiction Editor for Texas Tech’s undergraduate literary magazine The Harbinger, and is now the Editor in Chief. Her work has been presented in student panels at the Texas Tech University Sowell Collection Conference, and has also received first place in the Sowell Collection Essay Award. She has also earned the JT McCullen Award and the Lon and Gertrude Miller Scholarship for her writing.

Growing up in North Dakota left Mallory Hughes little to do but read, and eventually, write. Both activities consumed her time and when college came around, she knew she had to do them both. She started at North Dakota State University in August 2010, and after only a few months of college English and journalism courses, fell in love. She began searching for better programs, as neither the English nor journalism program at NDSU were accredited, and found the University of Iowa. What a wonderful fit, with an acclaimed journalism program and the home of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. She transferred to Iowa City in fall 2011 and has been there ever since, writing and reading away.  She will be attending Northwestern University in the fall for a Master of Science in journalism for magazine writing and editing.

Andrew Miller’s work focuses on the intersection of the public and private, diving deep into personal emotion and reflection as a lens for understanding both his, and society’s, ills. Miller will earn a bachelors degree in English Creative Writing from Otterbein College this year, and recently signed with Civil Coping Mechanisms to publish his first collection of essays, due out 2016. His previous work can be found in Two Dollar Radio’s creative non-fiction literary magazine, Frequencies Vol. 3. He has also had several pieces published by the Columbus Creative Cooperative and Otterbein College, having won several awards associated with both publications. To keep food on the table, Miller works as a freelance journalist in Columbus Ohio for several media outlets, including the Columbus Dispatch and WOSU Public Media.

Alexandria Petrassi is an undergraduate student pursuing an English and Creative Writing degree and a Spanish minor at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. She serves as the Editor-in-Chief of SAGA, Augustana College’s campus literary and arts magazine. Next year she will be pursuing a Professional Certificate in Editing at the University of Chicago.

Jennifer Williams began writing for fun about nine years ago and now she is endeavoring to make a career out of it. Although she prefers writing novel-length fiction, she has also been known to dabble in poetry. She is working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing with a minor in History at Bowling Green State University.

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