third place: poetry

i know a place

by alyssa froehling (augustana college)


there is a place behind

your eyes that hangs

heavy like a hammock

under the bridge over

muddy shallow water

called the “salt creek”

having no close visible ends.


there is a place on the

inside of each one of

your fingers made up

of many half finished

sentences in varying

levels of quiet hidden

under each crease of

your hand where it bends.


there is a place found

on you every time the

weather changes and

time decides to pass

because your face is

a sundial and the little

marks born onto your

skin can be collected

and strung overhead

like a line of soft light

leading lost travelers

home to make their amends.


i will tell you now

a soft whispering

secret that earth’s

nature made me

promise to keep:


the night sky

told me you

are all of her



and under her

bursting stars

you are my very

first breath after



i want you to know

for every belief you

hold dear for yourself

a belief in you of mine



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